Support Policy


The purpose of this document is to establish a two-way understanding between the Client and Meir Digital regarding the web support services available.

Service Description

This agreement applies to Meir Digital developed and hosted websites. Web support is provided by the most efficient method available - this is currently opening a support ticket request.

Roles and Responsibilities

Meir Digital will provide the infrastructure, technology, personnel, processes, and monitoring tools necessary to deliver web support as described in this document to:

  • Meet response times associated with the priority assigned to individual service requests
  • Assist with posting content provided by the Client to the appropriate area of the client’s website as agreed

The Client's responsibilities include:

  • Using the standard contact methods (see Section 4 below) to request web support services
  • Reviewing draft design concepts, web pages suggestions, ticket replies, and all other communication dependencies in a timely fashion
  • Regularly reviewing page content for which they are responsible and communicating any required updates or new content to SO Inspired in a timely fashion

Meir Digital provides support and ongoing maintenance for the usage of and placement of text and graphic content for Meir Digital Client websites. When applicable, Meir Digital may obtain assistance from the Client’s web hosting provider on their behalf by initiating a support ticket.

Requesting Support

Meir Digital offers two methods to submit web support requests.

  • Support ticket
    Opening a support ticket via the form is the recommended method for requesting support assistance. Requests made will be assessed for urgency and processed accordingly.
  • Support via email
    This is the least preferred method, due to the volume of emails received and the lack of transparency of job progression, but an email can be sent to matt[at] requesting support assistance.

Hours of Coverage, Response Time and Complaint Resolution

Web content management support is provided Monday to Friday, from 9am until 5pm, on regular business days.

Meir Digital will use the following guidelines to prioritise web support requests with the goal of beginning work on the problem within the target timeframe.

Actual response times may be shorter or longer, depending upon the volume of requests being handled at any one time.

Category Description Response Time
Time-Sensitive issue Code issues, service outages, performance issues 4 Business hours
General Support Question General content changes

e.g. needing assistance posting updated PDF
Within 1 business day
Added functionality requests Adding site functionality

e.g. assistance needed creating a new form, new content pages
Within 3 business days
Web project consultancy Project-related discussions

e.g. awareness of what would like to be achieved, but unsure of tools/expertise needed
Meeting to be scheduled

Maintenance and Service Charges

Clients with a maintenance or "care plan" agreement in place will take priority on work requests.

Where such an agreement is in place but the scope of work falls outside of the agreement, or where no such agreement is in place, a quotation for the work to be completed will be provided and confirmation of payment from the Client may be needed before work can be completed.

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